A natural white inferior male slave born for a BLACK SUPERIOR MASTER
I was very pleased indeed to receive this excellent piece of prose from an inferior white slave, especially one that does not have English as its first language. its coherent and considered comments puts many of the lurking inferior white slaves on this blog to shame and I hope they feel suitably embarrassed and humiliated by their totally pathetic lack of commitment to try and make amends for their failings and immediately do something to please their BLACK SUPERIORS…

SIR, this white slave wants to thank you SIR, MASTER, SIR for your great website and the great masterpieces of GODLY AND NOBLE BLACK SUPERIOR MASTERS you have given to the world. my MASTER told it yesterday that a BLACK SUPERIOR MASTER who creates such a great oeuvre of BLACK MASTERY and white slavery deserves a eulogy for its own.(SIR, THANK YOU SIR, MASTER BRAD, SIR!).

SIR, this slave should praise YOU SIR, and pay homage for YOUR brilliant creation, SIR!.

SIR, this white inferior male slave lokked up to YOU, SIR!

it was the first time this white slave reports its feelings it had for BLACK SUPERIOR MASTER in public and english is not its mother- language but now its MASTERLANGUAGE.

SIR, YOUR work is awesome and its inferior white male slave hopes instantly that the front page of YOUR website became reality, that white male slaves accept their duty to obey all SUPERIOR BLACK MASTERS. 

SIR, YOU are a great SLAVEMASTER, because you know the deepest feelings of white inferior slaves so much. 

SIR, this white slave feels like a natural born slave. my MASTER told it after enslavement that it will be a long process to become a good white slaveboi. my MASTER was never interested to own a white “slaverobot”, because he thought that great parts of its slavepersonality are good and worthy, but he could not accept that HIS white slave got a strong ego. 

Therefore HE trained it to a “golden level”. Maybe for this reason it develops its true slavenature very fast, SIR. 

SIR, this slave regards its former life as waste time. it doesn’t mean anything to it. Ordinary people seems today so strange for it, their conflicts, their falseness, endless discussions about nothing. it could not understand this anymore- truly, SIR!. 

SIR, to live under the GREAT MASTERY OF A BLACK SUPERIOR gives it a intensive feeling of existence. 

There is a eternal tension inside of its slave. to think about my GREAT BLACK OWNER gives it a deep sense of security. How could a white inferior male slave thanks a BLACK SUPERIOR for this kingly gift, SIR?

SIR, During its enslavement my GENEROUS BLACK MASTER give its time to develop HIS slave into true slavery. 

my MASTER told to me that some BLACK SLAVEMASTER do not believe in white slaves hearts and souls. So THEY 

confused THEIR white slaves with GREAT BLACK MASTERPOWER and handicapped THEIR white slaves to develop the natural slavery, they feel inside. Sure, white slaves are in the possession of BLACK MASTER, but every tool got a manual to prevent damage, my MASTER told to me. 

SIR, my MASTER believes in rituals. Often this white slave is allowed to sleep in its MASTER`S BED, but ever in slavechains. (SIR, THANK YOU SIR, MASTER BRAD, SIR!).

SIR, when my BLACK MASTER awakes HE put my slavehead among His arms and at once this slave suck its MASTERS COCK. my BLACK MASTER dominates his slave totally and controlled each movement of it. THE ENORMOUS BLACK MASTERPOWER always occupied the whole inferior white slavebody. Then my MASTER spokes to it slowly and sometimes very powerful “good slave, take it, deepthroat it white slaveboi, do it slave, worship your BLACK MASTER…” 

Then this slave will suck all of the tasteful liquid of his SUPERIOR BLACK MASTER. 

SIR, after this wonderful experience, beyond words this white slave is completely agitated. 

SIR, YOU ARE A BLACK SUPERIOR MASTER, but for this white inferior male slave it means so much to worship a 

GODLY BLACK MASTER in this way. Maybe it is for a white inferior a kind of a divine service to someone who is much greater than it can imagine. my BLACK MASTER occupied the slavebody, the slavemind and his classy liquid is deep inside of this slavebody (it will taste this for hours).(SIR, THANK YOU SIR, MASTER BRAD, SIR!).

my BLACK MASTER knows that HIS NATURAL BLACK POWER overstrained HIS lower white slave, therefore he gives it time to process all feelings of domination, ownership, surrender and self-abandonment otherwise this slave will go insane. 

After a while this white inferior slave will serve his BLACK SUPERIOR MASTER as always with deep commitment,

obedience and true submission.

This white inferior slave hopes to give other white male slaves the courage to became real slaves of THE GREAT BLACK REPUBLIK to serve and obey all of the GRACIOUS AND GODLIKE BLACK SUPERIOR MASTER in the world.


SIR, this servil natural born male slave hopes to get YOUR permission to write from time to time its true slavefeelings of a

white inferior slave to praise his luck to be owened by a GREAT SUPERIOR BLACK MASTER!

SIR, in total subjugation to YOU, SIR

submitted by 

MASTER BRAD`S slave (ladedicacione@freenet.de)

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