Service to Black Men


This white boy found your blog yesterday and it was a firm reminder of my place and my duty to serve Superior Black Men.  I have recently been lax and am very sorry for my lack of attention to my place in the new world.  I contacted a Black Man who I have serviced in the past and met him at his car after work.  I was kneeling there when he arrived to suck his MAGNIFICENT Black Cock.  I have been ordered to report to this Sir’s home tonight at midnight.  I am to be freshly showered,  shaved smooth from the nose down, and wearing nothing but running shorts - no shirt and no shoes are allowed.  My asshole is to be “squeaky clean” and lubed for his pleasure.  He has instructed me to clear my day tomorrow as well.  

Thank you for reminding me of my place Sir.

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I am pleased that it has resumed its rightful place and has started to serve a SUPERIOR BLACK MASTER again, however there can be no excuse for any inferior white faggot slave not to be where they belong - kneeling in front of real men. The slave will contact me again with details of how it served its MASTER. it is also to beg its MASTER to punish it for its laxity and submit images of its punishment and service to its SUPERIOR to show how genuinely contrite it is for its failure. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD FAGGOT?

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